Eco-friendly and cheap vacations: our advice

This is a year-round effort for anyone who’s good at economic and environmental plans. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you stop thinking about it. Even while lounging on a deckchair, we’re thinking about our wallet and our planet.

Travelling for holidays for less money and CO2: is it possible?

Plane ticket prices can be reasonable, but only if you travel in off-peak seasons, reserve in advance or book a last-minute flight. And if you’re travelling as a family, the costs can quickly skyrocket. Plus, if you’ve made the decision to pollute less, avoid planes.

So, by train (fast) or by bus (cheap)? It’s more eco-friendly. And at a reasonable price, we can take our time or take advantage of promotions.

Like 75% of Belgians, you probably prefer using a car. But the bills (gas, tolls, rest stops, etc.) could be as high as hundreds of dollars. How do you lower these costs? Practice eco-driving: don’t overload your car, ensure good tire pressure and consider aerodynamics, especially if you have luggage on the roof. And to avoid tolls, take alternative “bis” routes. Once you’ve arrived, choose accommodations that are close to a shop and the beach so that you can avoid using your vehicle.

Don’t have a car? Consider renting as an affordable option, either from an individual or a car-sharing site. Or try carpooling.

Those who are more adventurous or sporty could plan a (rental) bike holiday and bring just the bare minimum in a backpack. A great way to make memories!

3 ideas for less expensive vacation accommodations

Besides the good deals you can find on the Internet or at travel agencies, 3 other low-fare accommodations are:

  1. There are plenty of possibility when at a private residence or certified sustainable lodging, from single rooms to entire homes. Plus, using a space that’s otherwise unoccupied is good for the environment.
  2. At a friend’s vacation home. We all have a friend like that…
  3. Camping (in a tent). We have what you need for that. The least expensive? Renting your camping equipment.

Low-cost vacation activities, at home or abroad

At your vacation spot, you spend your free time on activities: renting tennis racquets, a boat or… bocce balls. Going for a walk? Remember your baby carrier, pram or hiking shoes.

Avid readers can borrow books from the local library while at their holiday location. Clever, since it means you won’t have to lug any around in your bags.

And if you decide on staying home, enjoy a staycation by renting equipment like a ping-ping table or weight bench. Or, try a guitar before deciding to buy one for yourself. You could also get into gardening, DIY or host an awesome BBQ.

In the end, there’s no shortage of ideas but instead of days off.

Worried about the environment? While on holiday, too

For the actual travel, avoid purchasing pre-packaged or disposable items by packing homemade snacks and silverware. If needed, you can store everything in a cooler connected to the 12V socket (cigarette lighter). And we respect cleanliness (on the road, at rest stops, etc.).

On site, to avoid waste and especially for cheap meals, we suggest you:

  • think before buying
  • shop local
  • cook homemade meals
  • eat leftovers
  • learning about local recycling

Holidays are also a time for showing those around you how much you respect the environment.


As you can see, renting things for your holiday already represents a major savings (of costs and space around your house). Which means more money to bring along more leisure items or to have fun at home upon your return (a cotton candy machine, swimming pool, etc.).

Renting more and buying less means there won’t be as much packaging or raw materials used.

Consider Usitoo for all your vacation needs!


You’ll find everything you need for a faraway holiday or staycation in our catalogue of items. From suitcases to drinks dispensers, it’s time to make your booking.

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