[HOWTO] Electric Chainsaws

Electronic chainsaws are useful for cutting dead tree stumps, shrubs, and firewood. Use with caution. Our advice for proper usage, without any injuries.

An electric chainsaw is used to cut branches up to 25cm in diameter.

Its main features are:

  • Lightweight: 4kg
  • Easy maintenance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quieter than a petrol chainsaw

We’d like to recommend to you the Central Park electric chainsaw. And for beautiful hedges, we offer our electric hedge trimmer.

Security above all when using a chainsaw

Protect yourself

  1. Dress accordingly: with protective gloves, safety googles for your eyes, a face shield (to protect your respiratory system), protective ear muffs. And suitable footwear, such as logging boots.
  2. Tie back anything that hangs: long hair, cords, jewelry, loose clothing… anything that could get caught in the chain.
  3. During usage, think about your posture (bend your knees, make sure you’re well balanced, etc.).
  4. Do not use the chainsaw in the rain or in humid regions (electrocution risk).

Protect those around you

  1. Do not use around children or animals.
  2. Anticipate the risks involved with cutting, such as the projection of cut pieces (falling branches).
  3. Unplug it when you’re done.

Two rules before starting your chainsaw

  1. Oil level: top up if necessary. To do this, unplug your chainsaw, unscrew the cap and fill the tank using a funnel. Screw on the cap. What oil do you use? You’ll need a mineral oil for an electric chainsaw, which you can get at a hardware store.
  2. Chain tension: you should be able to lift it by 3mm around the middle of the blade. If the chain is too tight, unplug the chainsaw and turn the adjustment screw counterclockwise. If it’s too loose, tighten it by turning in the opposite direction. Check the tension every 30 minutes while using the chainsaw (but be sure to unplug the device first!).

Turning the electric chainsaw on and off, step-by-step

1) Before you start:

  1. Dress accordingly: gloves, safety goggles, hard hat, face shield, footwear.
  2. Check the oil level and chain tension (with your gloves on!)
  3. Remove the blade cover

2) Connect it to a power source (use an extension cord, if needed)

3) Turn on the chainsaw

Safety tip: start it while it’s on the ground.

  1. Pull the security bar towards you.
  2. Using your thumb, press the start/stop button and, at the same time, press the throttle trigger with your index finger.

To turn off the tool, release the throttle trigger.

Watch our favorite Youtube video all about using an electric chainsaw (rented from Usitoo, of course) and download our detailed fact sheet (only available in French so far), which contains a diagram of the various elements mentioned in this tutorial.

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