[HOWTO] Self-supporting tents: easy assembly and disassembly

Pop-up tents unfold quickly but are a hassle to re-fold if you don’t have the patience. Dome tents take a little more time to set up. Everything will appear so much easier once you’ve seen our tutorials.

Pop-up tents, dome tents, family tents… what’s the difference?

  • The pop-up tent, or hiking tent: unfolds in 2 seconds. When folded, it fits in a round bag. Convenient for temporary lodging at a festival or beach.
  • The self-supporting dome tent: it’s fixed to the ground for more stability. Some models are made to fit several people. Practical when hiking or camping. It folds back into a compact sheath.
  • The family camping tent: more spacious and plenty of choices according to the size of your family. It has enough space to sleep 3, 4, 6 people… or more.

Quick tip: family and dome tents fold down into a bag that is easy to fit in the car, even on the floor at your kids’ feet. The pop-up round bag, however, takes up quite a bit of precious trunk space. But it’s easier to carry around on your back. It’ll just make you look like a turtle.

Assembling and disassembling: (almost) child’s play

Images are worth a thousand words when showing you how to set up your tent. We present to you 3 different models:

  • Self-supporting dome tents have poles that slip into folds of the fabric, like the North Face one that’s in our catalogue. Set-up takes just a few minutes if you follow this tutorial.
  • The self-supporting dome tent has poles on the outside to which the top of the tent is attached. For this model, you first have to start by mounting the structures as explained in our video.
  • The pop up tent, as its name implies, assembles instantly. You’ll have to know the steps to disassemble it, though, as shown in pictures by an expert.

Some final advice if you’re going camping

Before leaving, we suggest you:

After using the tent, make sure to let it dry before packing it away. This will prevent mould and odours… not a great surprise for the next time you want to use it.

You’ll find dozens of camping or sports accessories for your holiday in our catalogue. And for your social events, take a look at our party tents. Have any questions? We’re here for you by phone (+ 32 470 32 45 13), email (support@usitoo.be) or via our Usitoo chat (at the bottom right of the website).

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